Friday, October 22, 2010

Can God Be Proven?

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  1. NO!!!!!
    I answered before knowing the rules.

    are we talking 'math' style proofs , or are we talking Scientific proof . . . ?

    Reguardless, I say 'no'. But, of course, just an opinion. Did God, in creating all, leave himself open to being 'found' be being 'proof'able.

    So, its beyond our control, on that point.
    If he left himself provable, then, from there
    How do we KNOW that we can prove him. Ordinarily, we start with a theory/theorum.

    In this case, our theory is just 'GOD'
    We're smaller than God. So, how do we define WHEN we have succeeded in defining God. In that case, thats all we can do is say that we set bounds on what WE say as defining God and IF we have reached that goal then we have succeeded. There is always someone out there who says 'there is more, you have not achieved proving God'. I think the scope of this is too big and even if you SUCCEEDED, how do you know.
    Even if God Himself pops out and congratulates you, someone can deny that its God. And if God starts doing all kinds of 'parlor tricks' upon our request, who says this isn't some entity that is just playing the part to falsely take the title of God?

    Given OUR limitations, I don't think we can 'prove' it.

    What say you?