Saturday, October 2, 2010

How Is VERIZON's High Speed Internet Doing?

Frequently, it's really, really, really slo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ow.


  1. which high speed internet is this?



  2. and, give me some idea of the computer you are on.

  3. It is DSL on a Dimension 4700 Dell Desktop with a Windows XP operation system and an old Pentium 4.

  4. What the Verizon computer guys have said is, "DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE 20,000 FEET FROM THE NEAREST VERIZON STATION! 20,000 FEET IS A LOT OF DISTANCE!"

  5. its true that 20,000 is a lot of distance for DSL. any kind of dsl variation
    Here is a table (just independent site, not verizon's table)

    1st, I hope they sold you slowest speed. I'd hate to see you charged for higher speeds that you will never reach.

    Are your phones all filtered with the filter gadget?

    Do you still have a computer going with a 56KBS modem? Disconnect and see how it does.

    If you don't have all phones filtered and someone is talking that will have severe impact.

    How was sound quality on phones in your house before DSL? If staticky, then noise from either inside or outside lines might be issue. that works in the DSL range

    Perhaps, at that distance, DSL is not for you. Otherwise, FiOS or cable.

    IF any above tips don't work, and verizon won't fix it, demand money back. You're only a little over 56 KBS modem there

    I wouldn't have thought they'd sell you this unless they had some amplification in place to get your signal to them

    In Feet comment
    less than 5000 You will have little trouble getting all speeds of DSL

    5000-10600 You may have trouble getting the highest speeds on offer

    10600-15000 The danger zone for DSL from national CLECs like Covad and NorthPoint. Speeds on offer are pinned back steadily until they reach 192k for 15,000 feet. If your line is longer than around 15000 feet, they may not accept an order.

    15000-18000 In this range, Telco ADSL is normally still available, although it may be restricted to 300-500k speeds

    18000-22000 Telco ADSL is not available, although in a few areas, RADSL may be a product you can get. RADSL is speed-variable.
    Some smaller DSL specialist CLECs may have solutions for you.

    22000-28000 Using less commonly used DSL equipment, it is still possible to use lines of this length.

    18000-28000 IDSL is an alternative or possibly the only alternative. IDSL is 144k/sec, about four-six times modem speed.

    28000-38000 IDSL is the only alternative

  6. Hmm, I just went into verizon website and plugged in your address and asked what internet services are available (i had to plug in an address a door or two down, as they detected your address as already having the service). The system came back and said your address is not eligible for FiOs (because its not installed yet) OR DSL.
    Ditch it and get money back

  7. Tom, are there FiOs maps, showing WHERE the service is available?