Sunday, September 19, 2010

If There Are No Aliens "Out There," Then Why Would God Put Space "Out There"?

When I opine to religious friends that I balance in favor of us being alone -- there may be relatively intelligent animals, but there are no aliens with self-knowledge and free will -- they usually respond, "But then why would got put so much space out there, with so much in it (as in the photo of galaxies, above)?

My answer is that we are midway between two empty worlds, the microscopic world of subatomic particles, and the macroscopic world of space.

The subatomic world is devoid of tiny little intelligent guys. Yet, it is filled with literally uncountable numbers of particles wafting hither and yon, doing this and doing that, completely oblivious to us.

If God can do that MICROscopically, why not do the same thing MACROscopically?

In truth, I think that space represents opportunity -- it is the frontier we could go to if we put our backs, and our social organization and good will, into it.

It is there for us.

Will we get there before wrap-up time?

I don't know. As I said in the prior post, we appear to be in The Great Falling Away.

The fuse appears to be lit.

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  1. This may seem FAR OUT, but, on pondering this a bit more,

    With the type of people we look to, to lead us into exploring space (scientists/university types), it seems the further we get from God.
    Meanwhile, the more impossible it seems to travel across such vast distances, and to do anything meaningful, such as find another habitable planet .

    Wouldn't that be ironic, if that was mankind's end? Drift more and more away from God, while searching for ways to explore space, and then something traumatic happens to end life on earth.


    Wouldn't it be something if there was, not exposed to us, as we have turned away from God, some 'GOD' way of getting into space and travelling the vast distances in any meaningful ways

    So, if we turn to God, we expand, and have the answer,

    If not, we suffer the same fate as earth (whether that be in a few years to a few million years)

    "if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move"

    Perhaps, when the time DOES come, another 'ark' will be provided (at least, the specifications)