Saturday, April 24, 2010

Did a Christian Mystic Try to Contact Me from the Past?


In the early 1990s, I came across a relatively obscure book called "The Spear of Destiny," focusing somewhat upon the subject of the Spear of Longinus, recently discussed, but also on the life and work Christian mystic Rudolph Steiner.
Knowledgeable Christian folks reading this will nastily dispute my characterization of Steiner as a Christian mystic. "He was a member of pre-Nazi Madame Blavatsky's Theosophy crowd, for heaven's sake! And then he invented his own deeply bizarre brand of Theosophy, called 'Anthroposophy.'"

Both things are true -- he was a devotee of Madame Blavatsky's occultist crowd, but he left it behind as absurd. In his study of inner moral development in part by transcendental meditation, Steiner ended-up making a great circle back to Christianity. While he was far short of becoming a sin-confessing, Communion-receiving Catholic, he embraced Christianity as ultimately true in his mystical approach to salvation.

The Nazis feared Steiner, and declared him one of Nazism's chief enemies! This is probably because Steiner exhibited true clairvoyance as a consequence of his successful transcendental meditation. Even before Hitler had emerged into the public eye in the early 1920s, Steiner was issuing press releases warning of the rise of the Nazis and Hitler. At one point a sniper dispatched by Hitler narrowly missed killing Steiner. At another point the Nazis burnt down Steiner's school in Christian mysticism called the Goetheanum.

Among other things, Steiner preached that on the path to moral mastery and bravery, one had to confront a kind of frightening spiritual double barring the way to enlightenment, called Doppelganger.

Steiner drew a picture of a man climbing the mountain of wisdom -- Steiner? Goethe? -- confronting his own frightening Doppelganger, which Steiner wanted to be a stained-glass window in his school of Christian mysticism, the Goetheanum.
About 6 years after I first saw a copy of "The Spear of Destiny," by Trevor Ravenscroft, which includer Steiner's Doppelganger picture, one of my sons was deeply taken at age 9 with drawing what I used to refer to as "sharp-edged beasts," and drew this...

He had never seen my copy of "The Spear of Destiny." Astonished at its similarity to Steiner's sketch, I inscribed my son's name and the date he had drawn his picture at the bottom, and saved it.

About 9 years later, a neighbor's daughter, who I had come to love as my own daughter, also became enthralled at about 7 years of age with generating drawings of "sharped-edged beasts," and she showed this drawing to me...

The production was rougher, due to her tender years, but in some ways the drawing is more like Steiner's. The man is enveloped in a kind of electrical field, like Steiner's man, and the Doppelganger has a horn! I carefully dated that picture, also, wrote the little girl's name on it, and saved it.

When I saw these astonishing pictures, I wondered to myself, "Did Steiner cause this? Did he impact the minds of these children, from the past, to make these drawings, knowing that I would recognize them?

Why would Christian mystic Steiner want to draw the attention of the likes of me?

Maybe because I am the only human being on Earth to connect Steiner's bust of the demon Ahriman...

...with this guy...



  1. "The only guy on earth to make the connection" !!??

    You need to get yourself out more, pal!

    Seriously, for a closer match to Striebers "alien" (he preffered to call them "visitors"), google "Lam" (images) a sketch made by Aleister Crowley, around 1919 or so.

    If you have an interest in ufo's, Christianity, Rudolph Steiner, try and get a book called "The Cosmic Pulse of Life" by Trevor James Constable, difficult to track down, but like the "Spear of Destiny" it's considered by many to something of an "underground classic".

    I'm a card carrying Anthroposophist, and i did a teacher-training in Waldorf education at the School where Ravenscroft taught history. The book is not popular with anthroposophists generally, because Ravenscroft makes use of fiction to tell his story.

    IMO, the fiction might have been required to ease a general readership into ideas unfamiliar to them, i.e. esoteric Christianity and scientific occultism.

  2. Hi, friend.

    I'm sorry that I could not answer you immediately. I had what I refer to as an "extortion program" in my computer which wiped-out some of my software. It took some time to analyze the problem and deduce a solution.

    First, It was very interesting to receive some a comment from a "card-carrying anthroposophist." When I realized what Steiner was doing and teaching, and I comprehended the extent of his personal success, I was impressed and attracted to anthroposophy. I suspect that his astral plane is not something other than Roman Catholicism, which I regard as "ultimately valid," but rather an "unexplored attic" in its theology.

    Thank you for your Lam material. Apparently, Crowley went to where Steiner went, but by using the "black magician's" "dark way," rather than Steiner's disciplined, essentially God-blessed, transcendental meditation route.

    However, I really did do something Crowley could not have done: Identify Ahriman's head with the UFO Abduction Phenomenon. I.e., the "alien" in the Abduction Phenomenon is just Ahriman. Crowley could not have made that identification because there was no Abduction Phenomenon in Crowley's time.

    Stay tuned here for further posts by me defining Ahriman in the UFO Abduction Phenomenon with Revelation 13.

    And, please contribute more, friend.