Friday, April 9, 2010

Part 2 of the UFO Abduction Phenomenon and Revelation 13

The evidence that the deeply bizarre topic of UFOs and the Abduction Phenomena are religiously significant is quite large. Because of the cultural fascination with UFOs, I almost hate to discuss this concept as something of religious significance. There is a risk that contemporary religiosity -- such a fragile thing -- will be injured by the connection.

But I think that the surprising connection is there because UFOs are an evil thing, and, as I argued in a previous post, a kind of expression of mass cultural corruption and sinfulness marking the prophesied evil of the age. As I suggested, UFOs are tulpas arising from the concentration of many on sinful self-gratification, through substance abuse and pornography, which Satan's minions can occupy here on Earth.

UFOs, in other words, mark the evil of the age.

Regardless of whether that analysis is correct, here is the next connection between Revelation 13 and the Abduction Phenomenon...

"The beast I saw was like a leopard..." Revelation 13:2a.

Author Whitley Strieber reveals in his book "Communion" that the creepy-looking face on the cover of his book is a careful portrait of the image which took up residence in his mind -- when, in my opinion, he became demonically-possessed. The image had a life of its own. It responded to his thoughts.

Now, let's compare that almond-eyed UFO Abductor image with a leopard...
Initially, note that the Abductor's face is leopard like. It has the same little mouth nearly crossing a narrow chin. It has the same high cheekbones. It has almond-shape eye apertures. Both have a burnt-umber skin color.
Next, Abductors, like the leopards, tend to be night-time stalkers.

Finally, the Abductors like to lift their victims up into UFOs, just as leopards like to tree their prey.

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