Monday, April 12, 2010

Part 3 of the UFO Abduction Phenomenon and Revelation 13

After telling us that this "beast" he saw in his vision "was like a leopard," the author John says, "but it had feet like a bear's." Revelation 13:2b.

In other words, there was something about this "beast" in John's vision which made his feet less like leopard feet and more like bear feet.

How about non-retractable claws?

Victim after victim of the Abduction Phenomenon reports that the almond-eyed Abductor has long, sharp claws for nails, not ordinary nails. Even the author of "Communion," Whitley Strieber, observes this, in his book. See P. 168, 1987 hardcover edition.

In other words, it has non-retractable claws, like a bear.

Here is the sketch of one UFOlogist, Leonard H. Stringfield, of the clawed fingers of the almond-eyed UFO occupants...

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