Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Trick So Cool You WON'T Teach It To the Kids!


The magician takes out a $1 bill and a $20 bill. He waves the $1 bill in the air and says, "Everybody assumes that because the Democrats are in the White House now, the little guy has a shot these days. But even after Democrats do what they are good at doing, who will REALLY be on top? The rich guy?" -- and here the magician waves the $20 bill in the air, and then slaps it on the table, face up -- "Or will the little guy end up on top?" -- and here the magician slaps the $1 bill face up onto the $20 bill, cross-wise. "There's a magical way to find out who ends up on top in our society. Watch carefully."

And, with the audience inches away, watching carefully, the magician carefully rolls up the $1-bill-lying-cross-wise-over-the-$20-bill, and then he carefully unrolls them, but all see that somehow, impossibly, THE $20 BILL IS SUDDENLY ON TOP OF THE $1 BILL !!!



The secret is this: When the magician lays the $1 bill cross-wise -- in other words, perfectly perpendicular -- on top of the $20 bill, he (or she) should do it so that the leg of the $1 bill on the magician's side of the "X" is longer than the leg of the other bill, so that what is in front of the magician on the table is an "X" (NOT a "+") with one leg -- the $20 leg -- shorter than the other.

It LOOKS LIKE the magician is being sloppy. In fact, the magician is being careful.

Then, when the magician rolls-up the X from the side closest to him (starting with the corner of the $1 bill, because that leg is shorter), as he finishes rolling-up the X, note that he will come to the end of the $1 first (because on the OTHER side of the X, the $1 is SHORTER, right?).

The magician should invisibly let the end of the $1 rotate 360 degrees as he continues rolling-up the $20 bill, but NOT let the $20 bill rotate like that.

Then, the magician should UNroll the roll of bills BACK toward himself.

Presto chango, they have reversed positions !!!

Practice, practice, practice !

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