Sunday, June 27, 2010

Accelerating Expansion of the Known Universe

For about the last 15 years, astronomers, who have long known about the expanding of the Universe, have been aware that that rate of expansion seems to be accelerating.

The phenomenon is sometimes attributed to "Phantom Energy," which is a concept like "dark matter" -- like "luminiferous ether," it was a concept that was thought of not because the thing named was detected, but rather because scientists observing the behavior of matter concluded, "Look, it simply HAS to be there!" In the case of "luminiferous ether" -- stuff which, when waves are in it, they are perceived by us as light -- it appears that scientists have been wrong.

I have a very simple explanation for the appearance that the Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate -- accelerating expansion is what being sucked inside a black hole looks like as one rushes faster and faster toward the center after entering the event horizon and experiencing time reversal.


  1. ok, so, as discussed verbally, I agree that, if we were slowly being sucked into a black hole, we would be shrinking, our 'ruler' that we use to measure the universe would be shrinking as well, along with us. So, the ruler will seem like a fixed size relative to us. BUT, the things at great distance that we measure are not shrinking, therefore with our shrinking ruler (I guess redshift) and our shrinking eye, it all appears to be in a continually accellerating expansion.

    SO, the stuff that is not going into the black hole seems like its expanding due to this effect. Our nearby material is subject to the same effect, being drawn into the black hole. If its nearby, we won't notice it. If its very much nearer the black hole, it really is accellerating, though, to its doom.

    Now, there is the black hole in to which we are falling into, and no one noticed, perhaps the center of the galaxy. Assuming we could see what is drawing us in, albeit, in a orbital fashion, not straight inward, wouldn't we notices SOMETHING getting bigger?

  2. perhaps if we were being drawn straight into something, it would be more obvious. but in this case, we are orbiting that which we would eventually be drawn into. It would be a little less obvious unless we could peer directly down the curved/orbital path which we follow.

    Let me throw this out to you. IS IT POSSIBLE, that we are not being drawn into a black hole per-se, but instead, there is that black hole in the center of our galaxy. we are under its effects, but the effects are not constant. as time goes on, the black hole at the center is gathering huge quantities of mass as it consumes the local material. Might we not be experiencing 'distort' effect from the ever changing effects. In other words, our 'ruler' isn't getting shorter as our matter gets slowly drawn INTO a black hole, but instead, the medium that our ruler is measuring (again, is it red-shift they are using) is getting distorted over time. Lets pretend that the universe is not accelerating outward at increasing rates (I know thats sort of repeatedly redundant), that its constant or perhaps slowing ever so slightly as one might expect. As it approaches us (and other galaxies too, assuming the same situation) then, if our environment was near constant, they we wouldn't see this unexpected, unexplainable acceleration of universe. BUT, ambient conditions are not constant. I know our population of scientists are quite aware of this, and are always trying to factor in all effects of nature. But perhaps there are still effects they have not factored in, such as, as the black hole in the center of the galaxy consumes more and more and more, it distorts our ruler into making it seem to the observers of the ruler and that which is being measured, that the universe is indeed expanding in accelerating manner

    As always, in order to save face when proven wrong, I'm a layman with basic collij phisics and ‘stronemee knowlege. Imagine someone suggesting that the universe is accelerating as it expands but without good proof/data. What an idiot. Whats he smoking... Well same here, now that everyone accepts that the universe is expanding and accelerating as it does so, someone would have to be an idiot to suggest otherwise (until the data can be gathered). So I lump you and I in the numb-skull classification. You for the 'sucked into the black hole' theory, which very well may be the case, and me for my less aggressive 'distort due to ever changing ambiant conditions that have not been accounted for in the information gathering that lead to conclusion that the universe is expanding.

    I'll admit i don't know EXACTLY how black holes work. In addition to their gravity pulling things in, many things orbit it. I suppose if a body in space were fall below the speed needed to maintain orbit, the object gets drawn in closer. Maybe the object slowed due to some other force (other passing bodies in space) or perhaps as the black hole gathers material, the speed at which the body (our solar system, for example, orbiting at near constant speed finds itself below the speed needed to avoid degrading orbit, rather than at the speed to maintain orbit. I dunno. There used to be a display at the franklin institute, just a cone shaped funnel. Kids would roll a marble in the cone, it would eventually slow down and fall into the hole. That would be my typical understanding of being sucked into a black hole. BUT, perhaps there is another effect I am unaware of. Perhaps the black hole, in addition to having that effect on objects orbiting it, but ALSO, an effect almost like, drawing in the cone itself, making the cone itself smaller, pulling in the cone, not just the stuff (marbles in the franklin institute display) riding on the cone come closer and be more compact.

    Well, thats all my pea brain can do for today