Saturday, June 12, 2010

Which Reminds Me of a Joke...

A man walking along the beach in California sees a bottle in the sand and rubs it and out pops the genie, of course.

"Oh, no!," complains the genie, "Not another one! The fifth one this week! Don't tell me! You want three wishes, right? Well, forget the three wish business! You only get one, you moron, so choose wisely!"

Disconcerted, the man says, "I hate sailing, and I'm terrified of flying, so build me a steel bridge from here to Hawaii, so that I can finally visit Hawaii."

The genie responds, "Look, think of the problems entailed by your request -- billions of tons of concrete and steel. I'd have to enslave thousands, for your stupid little visit. The environmental impact would be giant. Getting state, federal and international approvals would be next to impossible. Shipping companies will be wildly opposed. Can't you think of something else?"

"Well," the man responds, "I can't understand women. I can't figure out what they mean when they talk in 'code.' They say one thing but mean the other. And all of this business about feelings and emotions. Can you explain women to me?"

The genie answes, "Will that be two lanes, or four?"

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