Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Lawyer Joke

A lawyer parks his BMW in front of a client's house, and is opening the driver-side door to get out when -- FOOM! -- another car passing too close on the left rips off the door and sends it flying.

A bystander reports the tragic accident to police. Two patrol cars pull up behind the lawyer's BMW and get out.

The policemen see the lawyer standing in front of his car, crying. "Oh, no!" the lawyer wails, "Oh, no! My BMW! It's ruined!"

The first policeman observes, "I can't believe how materialistic this lawyer is! Unbelievable! All he cares about is his precious BMW! He probably doesn't even realize that his left arm is gone!"

The second policeman says, "Oh, sheesh! Don't you think that you're being a little prejuiced against lawyers?"

The lawyer, overhearing the conversation, looks down at where his left arm used to be and says, "Oh, no! My Rolex...!"

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