Saturday, July 17, 2010

How the Liberal Media Chews Us Up and Spits Us Out


The American media -- the free press -- really is one of the linchpins of democracy. It really does help to keep us free.

But, just because it is so important does not mean that Original Sin -- human moral imperfection -- does not run rampant through the media.

Example One: "Amistad," 1997, with Djimon Hounsou, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins and Matthew McConaughey, portrays Cinque, the black leader who won his freedom from white slave traders by taking control of the slave ship Amistad, and then he wins the right to return to Africa after the Supreme Court of the United States permits him to do so -- imaginative, bold Africans and benevolent white liberals conquer the exploitative white slave traders, right?

In reality, Cinque returned to Africa and made his living as a slave trader, capturing and imprisoning and selling black men, women and children.

Why didn't they tell us this, in the movie?

Example Two: What do we never, ever, ever read in the media about the priests who victimize young people?

We read that they are "pedophiles," "pederasts," "sexual abusers," "ephebophiles" -- but never, ever, ever do we read that they are


They are.

It's not an accident that 9/10ths of the victims are male.

It's not an accident that 5/6ths of the victims have entered puberty.

The offender priests, in fact, are in the overwhelming majority gay men hunting for prime beef.

Homosexuals are the poster child of the liberal media. So, the media doesn't want you to think like that, so they silently conspire to avoid telling you that.

Example Three: What does the media fall all over itself to avoid telling us about terrorism?

Answer: That the overwhelming majority of the terrorists are Muslims.

For whatever reason, Islam seems to beget large numbers of killers.



  1. sure about cinque? I know this isn't about cinque, but if you are to use his case as parallel to homosexual priests and the media holding back vital 'table turning' information, I'd hope the material used for comparison is good firm stuff. Post Amistad Cinque material is vague, from the 30 second history lesson I gave myself.

    Official historical References?

    I'm more firm on the homosexual priest item than the Cinque parallel.

  2. It's correct, Tom. A few sources are clear on this.