Saturday, July 10, 2010

University of Illinois: Liberal, or Nazi?

A Catholic professor HIRED to teach about Catholicism at the University of Illinois was about to give an exam in part on the distinction between moral decision making based on utilitarianism, rejected by the Catholic Church because it is ultimately subjective, and moral decision making based on Natural Law asking the question, Does the behavior in question conform to reality?

In class and in the e-mail in question, the professor used sexual issues -- what every student wants to debate -- as the subject matter to be employed by the two approaches to moral decision making in hypotheticals analyzing the approaches.

Because he felt that the discussion in class had been a little to "thin" to fully equip students for the coming exam, the professor re-discussed the issue in an e-mail to all students...

A student who apparently felt that the professor should be barred from stating that the Churcvh teaches that gay sex acts are immoral -- in fact, it does teach this -- used the e-mail as a basis for accusing the professor of "hate speech"...

The University of Illinois fired the professor.

I can tell the portion of the e-mail by the libelous student which caused the professor to be fired. It was the part about notifying the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center, as well as the Daily Illini, as well as the founder of the Queer Studies major on the campus.

The Religion Department undoubtedly had visions of protesters with (gasp!) signs protesting in front of the building housing the Religious Studies Department.

Instead of being part of the student's private successful campaign of terror, it would be wonderful if local gay rights organizations PROTESTED THE PROFESSOR'S FIRING.

People might respect them, instead of looking at gays as intellectual Nazis.

University of Illinois, you may be liberal, but your actions remind me more of Jewish store closings by the Nazis in Germany.

In truth, you're not liberal.

You're not Nazi.

You're cowards.

And so you have no dignity.

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  1. Update: I contacted Leslie Morrow, mentioned in the nasty liberal student's e-mail, and suggested to her that she might want to recommend to the University that the professor NOT be fired, to frustrate the nasty liberal student's use of her, and of her organization, as Nazi-like anti-Catholic weapons of terror.

    So far, no response.

    Question: Do gay organizations enjoy the power the liberal media has given them to terrorize and destroy?

    We'll see.

    Peter J. Dawson