Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Jersey Devil

If the face of the alleged alien, known in popular culture as a "grey," is one of the creepiest images afoot in the media today, images of the alleged Jersey Devil -- the top two composites -- are surely the most ridiculous.
And yet, I really do believe that, though seemingly completely absurd, the Jersey Devil is a variety of demonic tulpa seen for centuries in Europe -- and so immortalized in gothic architecture as gargoyles, as seen in the third and forth pictures -- and can be seen today in Latin American countries as the famous chupacabra, seen in the final picture.
As related elsewhere in my blog here, a tulpa is a "thought form" which any human being can generate in the fabric of reality by very dedicated focus.
I believe that tulpas are simply the mechanism generated by God for purposes of answering human prayers. It is simply the mechanism chosen by God.
I believe that the basic tulpa is an orb. The orb forms in response to the focus embodied in a prayer, and carries the prayer to God, and perhaps in the same orb an angel returns in the orb with the answer to the prayer.
The better and more faith-based your prayers, the better, and the more effective, the orb is.
However, God created the world so that every faculty which He gave to mankind is subject to evil misuse and abuse. By this means, we can employ the assets He gave to us not only to love, and so walk to Him, but also to hate, and by that means walk away from God and hate Him.
As a consequence, humans can also make use of their wills and their focus to create EVIL tulpas.
Evil tulpas may be created by evil wishing and evil focus -- cursing another -- and by focused or habitual participation in evil.
So, human catastrophe -- murder and suicide, for example -- as well as participation in habitual evil acts -- illegal drug use; perverted sex; war -- tends to leave behind a trail of ghosts. Vietnamese clients tell me that after the Vietnam War their country was, and remains, full of ghosts.
For whatever reason -- perhaps by Satan's own design -- demonic tulpas seem to come in "species." There are the "Greys" and "blue jumpsuited 'Munchkins'" in the Abduction Phenomenon, knock-generating ghosts, door-hugging "crouchers" or "rabisus," and, as discussed in this article, Jersey Devils or chupacabras.
Because they appear in our reality as "species," we find that we can identify today's demons in the artwork of yesteryear.

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