Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Disappearing Man

This is the story as I originally wrote it. I'll have some comments to make afterwards...

There are stars in space which are so heavy that their own gravity makes them crush themselves and collapse themselves downward, downward, downward, toward their own centers. This makes that star’s gravity so strong, that light itself gets pulled into the star, so that the star looks perfectly black. Scientists think that a person getting too close to such a star would experience time reversal -- time going backward into the past, not forward into the future, and so a space traveler falling into one of these stars would be lost forever, fired away like a cannon into the distant past. And so, they call these amazing stars “black holes.”

Dangerous “holes” where a man can suddenly disappear are only in space, not on Earth, correct?

Maybe not.

In September, 1880, in the state of Tennessee in the United States, on a farm not too far from the town called Gallatin…

…the man who owned the farm, David Lang, leaned against the fence around the area where he kept his horses. His wife was back at the house, a few hundred feet away, watching the children play with a new toy.

A friend of the family, a local Judge named August Peck, turned his carriage off the nearby road, and the Judge and a brother-in-law in the carriage with him shouted and waved to the Lang family as they came close to the house.

The farmer, David Lang, turned and waved to the Judge, and started walking across the field.

His wife, his two children, and the Judge and the Judge’s brother-in-law, 5 people altogether, were looking at David Lang.

At that moment, poof! David Lang suddenly disappeared, before their eyes, without a sound!

Mrs. Lang and the two children and the Judge and his brother-in-law all ran across the field to the spot where they had just watched David Lang simply disappear. They checked and checked again for holes in the ground where he might have fallen, but ground was without holes.

At first Mrs. Lang became extremely sick, from the terrible stress of the very strange experience. But, she recovered, and as time passed the family, with no husband to help them keep the farm going, began to be very, very poor.

One day, in April, 1881, seven months after David Lang simply disappeared, Mr. Lang’s two children were playing in the field where the incident occurred. The little girl, 11 year old Sarah, noticed that in a perfect circle around the place where her father disappeared, the grass was yellow and was having trouble growing. Reminded by the grass circle of her father’s disappearance, little Sarah walked into the circle and yelled something like, “Daddy? Are you there?”

Suddenly, Sarah and her 8 year old brother heard their father yelling back! From out of nowhere their father’s voice called, “HELP ME! HELP ME! HELP ME!”

The two shocked children noticed that the voice of their father sounded like it was getting farther and farther away!


And finally his voice was gone. And that was the last anyone heard of David Lang.

My opinion, now, is that everyone is looking at the story upside down. David Lang died sometime before everyone saw him disappear.

What they saw disappear was a tulpa -- a ghost Mr. Lang accidentally created by intense focus at the time of his prior death.

The same tulpa generated the voice heard by the children. The "help" they heard was not a cry for assistance at that moment. Instead, it was a typical tulpa "recording" of thoughts in Mr. Lang's head as he died of whatever caused his death before his ghost disappeared like that.

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