Friday, March 5, 2010

What Are Crop Circles?

We have all seen crop circles in the news. My favorite is the "Milk Hill Monster," above.

As the media, extremely curious about the things, began to dispatch investigative reporters every time one appeared, two ale drinkers in an English pub were finally interviewed, I think by BBC. They said, "We're doing it!," and they showed the cameras their little boards with their little ropes attached. They showed how they use their little ropes to pull their little boards tight against the soles of their shoes as they stomped down swaths of stalks of whatever crop they were stomping on.

That did it for the media. Problem solved. Those mystical crop circles with their impossible complexity and perfection were the work of -- who else? -- tricky English ale drinkers and their imitators! Media brains essentially shut down after that.

Now look again at the Milk Hill Monster above. The teeny tiny dot in the center of the center circle is a person. The Milk Hill Monster was almost 1,000 feet wide -- a little short of one quarter of a mile.

A few thoughtful readers may have already realized the problem entailed by its size and complexity. Cornwall, where the Milk Hill Monster appeared overnight one night, is about 10 degrees latitude higher than where I am in New Jersey. Summer nights at 50 degrees latitude (where the Milk Hill Monster appeared on August 12) are very short -- 5 hours.

So, whoever or whatever generated the Milk Hill Monster had about 5 hours from Sunset to Sunrise to work in the dark.

Cut that down to 4 hours, to accommodate the beginning and ending twilight.

Now, look at the picture again. I read once that that is 409 circles. (You can check it, and please correct me if that number is wrong.)

And then note that there are no footsteps through the crop leading to the Monster.

That means that enough people to cut a massive and massively complex design in a crop had to get to it by walking like tight rope walkers through the tractor ruts, and then they had to do insufficient damage to the crop, when they left the ruts and walked into the area to be stomped, to generate a perfect finished product.

Even discounting what I am about to talk about, impossible.

The entire Chinese army, hanging by their toes from strings connecting them to helicopters, could not have achieved the Milk Hill Monster in one night.

They are wrong.

There are fake crop circles. Some TV shows have shown English crop circle clubs faking them.

Without exception, their multi-hour creations are paltry affairs -- little, teeny things compared to the Milk Hill Monster.

Crop circles are mystical.

Mystical what?

I'll get to that shortly.

There are sharp distinctions in detail between real crop circles and fake crop circles.

Real crop circles have unkinked stalks. In fake crop circles, the kinking damage to crop stalks is immense. Why? Because heavy people are stomping on it!

Real crop circles have no footprints in the circle areas. Fake crop circle are jammed with footprints. Why? Because one can't make a crop circle by "hanging by his toes from a helicopter"! If the crop circle is non-mystical, the maker has to walk all over the thing. It's simple!

Real crop circles tend to be braided in different ways. Fake crop circles are all braided in the same fashion, because there are only 3 ways to make them -- from the perimeter in. From the center out. Or from the middle to the perimeter and the center. You can increase complexity by playing with clockwise and counter clockwise -- but fakers can't get too complex -- otherwise, even a simple "idiot level" circle takes all 4 hours of darkness, even if created by a large team.

Again, look at the Milk Hill Monster. It appeared in one night. Fake? Or mystical?

I'll "have no truck with" (remember how the nuns used to say that?) someone who says "fake" unless they recreate the Milk Hill Monster for me on the same night of the year at the same latitude. They can use as big a budget as they want (their money -- not mine). They can use as many people as they want. But it has to be done in the dark, in one (1) night, and it has to look as good and as "footprintless" as the photo above from the same altitude. And I get to watch the work.

There will be no takers. Not even Bill Gates would try it. It's not do-able.

They're mystical.

So, who -- or what -- is doing them?

I vote "the Devil" on this one.

My ghost/UFO/demon theory is this...

Just because a non-Catholic says it, doesn't mean it's wrong. So, the Tibetan Buddhists are right: By concentration, we can create "tulpas," sometimes called "thought forms." Tulpas are shapes in the fabric of reality which God, when He created Man "in His image," gave us the power to generate. I think that there is no better explanation, technically.

Why would God have done this?

Tulpas are "positively predestined" to be "prayer vehicles." They carry our prayers to God, and they bring back the help. That doesn't mean that they have to "go" anyplace. They are somehow the "conduit," the "pipes," for the prayer-and-answer process. I think that God could have do this another way. What we look at, when we look at tulpas, are the way He simply happened to do it.

A person's prayer enters the tulpa he created by his concentration, and an angel, containing some kind of "special presence of God," travels in the tulpa back to the pray - er and his problem, and solves it.

But I use the term "positively predestined" to incorporate Church theology. Though we are all "positively predestined" to Heaven, we have the power to refuse the offer, and to bend our wills and our use of reality to walking away from God, and, ultimately, to Hell.

That includes tulpa use. Negative prayers are not just possible, but they happen all of the time. Negative prayers produce a tulpa which the Devil and his demons can jump into and make use of. People know these as pernicious "ghosts" and malevolent "presences."

The negative human thinking doesn't have to be a directed "curse" of some sort.

It can be sin, concentrated upon.

And mass dedication to sin can be as strong a "tulpa generator" as a meditator's meditation.

So, when the culture, especially via the media, successfully propagandizes a particular variety of sinful enjoyment, that tends to cause an ambience of evil which begins to spontaneously generate demonic tulpas.

It's kind of like the "dark side" of "relic - ization" of an area by leaving a relic in a place, such as a room in a home.

I believe that UFOs are demonic tulpas generated by society's evil ambience.

I believe that true crop circles are the mischief of demonically-occupied tulpas with some kind of "misdirection goal" in mind.

In a word, you are looking at what the occult calls "true magic," and what the Church rightly calls "evil."

Interestingly, I believe that today's crop circles are predicted in 2 Thessalonians 2. There Paul is discussing things to occur before the end of the world. He notes that before the end there must be some kind of significant occurrence of "signs and wonders that lie." 2 Thessalonians 2:9.

Seemingly to enlarge upon Paul's revelation in 2 Thessalonians 2, Mary, as Our Lady of LaSalette said, in LaSalette, France, in 1846, "Let the Pope beware of miracle workers, for the time has come for the most astonishing wonders to take place on the earth and in the air." In other words, bad "wonders on the earth and in the air."

Isn't it interesting how well crop circles and UFOs fit that description?


  1. lets see, the person/people who say it was done in 1 night, they are suspect(s) number 1. But wait, someone said they did a fly-by a few days prior and this formation wasn't there, suspect number 2.
    With the international attention brought on by these things, it is sure to attract the pros. Isn't it possible that someone discovered a means to pre-treat the stems of these plants so they don't snap/kink when bent?

    This may be a months long plot to make this structure, including measures to pre-treat the area carefully. You might be able to knock down my confounding arguments with some other fact that was documented with all the reliability expected from 'someone said' or from joe smith of the 'crop circle chasers organization' . . . if you get what I'm saying. And I'm sure I can whip up more reasons to be skeptical. I'm not buying

  2. Hi, Tom. There is another way to tell that it was done in one night -- it is right in front of you: Rotting.

    Since making cop circles in a non-mystical way simply means that one absolutely, positively must kink and snap stems, it is therefore the case that the crop above the stem must die and rot.

    Rotting is fast. A circle with dead shoots looks substantially different on Day 2 than it did on Day 1. You don't SEE 20 or 30 different shades of rotting in the photo, do you?

    Next, the Milk Hill Monster is the most widely discussed circle in the history of the phenomenon. Millions of Brits -- essentially, every single non-infant individual in the British Isles -- saw it in the British media.

    No one ever came forward and said, "I admit it. I am one of the 4,000 people who engineered it."

    Next, this wasn't some lone appearance. Cornwall is "Crop Circle Central." DOZENS of crop circles appear spontaneously in Cornwall every year. All summer long, airplane pilots out of Heathrow, small planes, and ultra-light pilots have their eyes on Cornwall. The big question is, "What bloomed overnight?"

    There's no way someone got away with building the circle in several days.

    Re pre-treating, no, I have read extensively about crop circles. No one has been able to manually copy the stems, except by carefully training each individual stem with careful clipping and tying it to trellises, and such.

    No one can afford to individually train individual stems in a 10,000,000 stem crop circle to lie down correctly.

    There is a claim that if each individual stem is carefully zapped with just the right amount of microwave at just the right spot on the stem, then you can imitate HALF of the symptoms of the bent-but-not-kinked-or-broken stalks -- an explosion hole on the unkinked tissue above the point of bending, apparently to release hot gas. Zapping the crop with a giant microwave machine would not do this: Each stalk must be individually radiated at exactly the right point to produce the effect.

    Try doing that to 200,000,000 wheat stalks.

    And the radiation does not actually BEND the stalks. It only causes the stalks to pop at the point radiated.


    No matter what, Tom, an enormous army would be needed to generate what you are looking at.

    Where are the pathways worn into the ground by all of the volunteers?

    Nah! I think that the crop circles are just too good to be fraud.