Saturday, March 6, 2010

Miraculously UN-resurrecting a Person

(The following story was greatly simplified for a Vietnamese translator.)

The Catholic Church has many stories about Jesus and the saints bringing dead people to life.

There is one story, which few have heard, about a priest named Philip Neri in the boot-shaped country of Italy. An account of the incident is included in the canonization file of Fr. Neri. So, keep in mind that this story is about one of the miracles which led to his canonization. You will find that somewhat ironic.

In 1583, Father Philip Neri, a very holy Catholic priest, was called to the home of a little boy named Paolo Massimo. The little boy died before Father Neri came to the home.

Father Neri went into the room where little Paolo’s cold, dead body was laid on the bed. Father Neri closed his own eyes, placed his hand on the boy’s forehead, and prayed quietly for several minutes. Then, he gently sprinkled holy water on the boy, and called his name, “Paolo! Paolo!” Suddenly, the boy began to breathe, his body became warm, and he sat up in bed.

The little boy, who knew Father Neri, asked, “Father Neri, why am I at home again? I was with my mother and my sister, in a very wonderful place where we were with God! I don’t want to be here! I want to go back and be with God!”

Father Neri answered, “Well, then, Paolo, go and be blessed, and say some prayers to God for me!”

At that moment, the boy laid down, and died a second time!

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