Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mr. Potato, Ms. Potato, and Waitress Potato

A few readers here will be upset with me for the following. One of the things I believe is that God gave us a sense of humor to make fun of everything, including human sexuality. So, sex jokes to the appropriate audiences are moral, in my eyes -- even morally good.

While I try to structure this blog as a kind of semi-religious variety magazine, I'm fairly clear that, while it is far from pornographic, it is not for kids.

So, here goes my first joke...

I got this one from a Vietnamese friend, Trang.

Mr. Potato and Ms. Potato go into a tavern for some time together, some drinks, some talk.

As she comes to their table to serve them, Waitress Potato sees Mr. Potato and thinks, "ZOWEE! WHAT A SPUD!"

So, Waitress Potato is especially ingratiating when she serves Mr. Potato. She jokes, she laughs, she compliments him, and she brings him a free drink. She ignores Ms. Potato, who's really uncomfortable with this. There's no doubt about it, Waitress Potato is flirting.

But, Mr. Potato is kind of slow. He's not responding.

Finally, Ms. Potato has to go to the bathroom, and Waitress potato closes-in for the kill. She brings Mr. Potato another free drink. She starts asking questions. She's killing herself trying to get him to respond.

But he's just not getting the message.

Finally, Waitress Potato says, "Listen, I've been killing myself trying to flirt with you, but I just don't seem to be getting through. Ms. Potato is going to be back from the bathroom any second. So, tell me quick...

"Are you Herr's, or are you Frito-Lay?"

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