Friday, May 7, 2010

Updated Version of "Is Karl Keating's Catholic Answers Forums "Catholic"?


I have written about a dozen articles published in two Catholic magazines on Bible interpretation and Catholic theology.

I have been engaging in, or mentoring, Bible study for 30 years.

I have lectored at Mass for decades.

I have 16 years of Catholic education under my belt.

I have mentored RCIA.

Still, I have been kicked-out of Karl Keating's "Catholic Answers Forums" twice.

The first expulsion, several years ago, occurred after I caught the Forum Administrators tricking me into publishing in a fake screen! It looked to me like I was posting, but no one else could see my posts.

I'm an attorney. When I publish on the web for The Faith, I lose money. In effect, the Catholic Answers folks were stealing from me by their fraud. Somewhere in my computer, I have the posts verifying this.

After a few years, they let me back in.

After they did so, I made sure that I was the picture of Christian fellowship. Nasty, fundamentalistic Bible literalists in the site condemned me, condemned me, condemned me for denying that the Garden of Eden story is historical and for asserting, instead, that it is symbolic.

They would declare me "anathema" for running afoul of Middle Ages anathemas condemning those who found parts of the story to be non-historical.

I responded by gently reminding the fundamentalists that reasonable minds could differ, and that, for example, even they, the fundamentalists, and even site theologians, declared expressly that Mary did NOT "die," and then I quoted Pope Pius XII's expressly infallible encyclical declaring that Mary DID "die." I gently pointed-out that the fundamentalist radicals heavily populating Catholic Answers Forums would then engage in the practice of making "fine distinctions" to dispose of teachings they did not like, and then condemn to Hell those who differed with them. I would then say things like, "Dear brother-in-Christ, please, therefore, have patience with me!"

This went on and on and on, like that.

One day, without warning, this note from CAF administrators interrupted my posting...

Your account has been locked for the following reason: agenda incompatible with CAF's purpose

This change will be lifted: Never

There were no warnings from Administrators, no discussion with Administrators, no nothing.

So, the other day I sent them an e-mail...

A few months ago, I was banned, without warning, after I was absolutely kind and gentle, even to those who insulted me.

I have not got the slightest idea what I did wrong.

What did I do that earned perpetual banning?

I have authored several articles in Catholic magazines. I lovethe Church.

Why did this happen?

Peter J. Dawson

CAF Administrators responded...

Our records show that your case has already been discussed with you extensively. We can only recommend that you seek out another discussion forums site on the Internet where you can participate. God bless.

ForumAdmin Staff

Catholic Answers Forums(

Believe me, gentle friends, this is simply a lie by a major website claiming to be Catholic.

There was no discussion with me at all -- at all.

So, I took them to task. I responded...

Hi, friend.

Actually, nothing was discussed with me at all this time. One day I was posting happily and kindly. The next day I was banned for having goals inconsistent with Catholic Answer Forum's agenda.

Could you please e-mail to me a copy of the extensive discussion?

Peter J. Dawson

I knew that they either had to confess sin, or lie again in the form of an excuse to not provide the evidence which they claimed to exist.CAF Administrators chose to lie again. Here it is, drag-copied from their e-mail to me!...

I’m sorry, but we do not have the time or resources to reopen your case and re-discuss it with you. We consider the case resolved and ask you to accept that decision. Thank you.

ForumAdmin Staff

Catholic Answers Forums (

In response, I told them what I was about to do...

Please, friend, you need not apologize. Since I knew that you were lying about "extensive discussion" this time despite the overt Catholicism of the website, I knew in advance that you could not possibly do anything but lie, unless you came clean.

I am now going to publish your lie in my blogsite, so that people will know to avoid Karl Keating's organization.

This will hopefully punish organizations like yours for using the "Catholic" name, and help to drive you out of the Church.

Peter J. Dawson

So, here it is, friends.

Stay away from Karl Keating's Catholic Answers Forums! They lie!

UPDATE: Though I never asked for a reopening of my case and a rediscussion -- I only wanted them to drag-copy the alleged "extensive discussions," and e-mail the "extensive discussions" to me, and I would remove this post! -- and though they said that they suffer from lack of time and resources, the CAF Administrators have answered once again -- of course without any copies of proof of alleged "extensive discussions":

Internet etiquette involves seeking permission before publishing private email correspondence. We cannot prevent you from posting to your site whatever you wish, but please be aware that we have not given and do not give you permission to publicly post the ForumAdmin Staff's emails.

ForumAdmin Staff

Catholic Answers Forums

I left the whole thing in their hands: All they have to do is e-mail to me a copy of their "extensive discussions" with me about how I have an "agenda incompatible with CAF's purpose."

If they send me actual copies of these "extensive discussions," then, PFFFFFFTTTTT, it's gone! This post will disappear.

In my response to CAF's denial of permission to publish their e-mails to me, I asked them, "Why would you even CARE if you have given me permission to publicly post the Forum Administration Staff's e-mails? Are you afraid that you might be ASHAMED of your own words, if publicly examined? That you might be caught LYING?

"Or, instead, are you hiding fault like a bishop who settles a sex lawsuit by paying a settlement which bribes a victim to not publicly talk about the facts?

"This kind of stuff is EVIL, and we Catholics are SICK of it."

I end by saying, "Please, leave the Church. We are SICK of the lying."


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