Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Clever Way God Built Our World

It is good to know that, as we wrestle to tune the world in to the problem of global warming, God built into reality certain safety mechanisms which buy time.

As glaciers melt and retreat worldwide, the water enters the oceans. When the average depth of the oceans evens out, we find that a net majority of the water has made its home at the Earth's "belly," the equator.

This is the geophysical equivalent of a twirling ice skater moving her arms from above her head to a position extended outwards from her shoulders.

Just like the ice skater doing this, the change "puts on the breaks." Inertia is greatly magnified. The crust, in the vicinity of the equator, tries very hard to slow down the Earth's rotation. This sets the crust at war with the momentum within the UNDERlying magma.

Result: A worldwide increase in volcanic activity!

This vastly increases volcanic dust in the upper atmosphere. This reflects away a surprising amount of Sunlight, cooling off the Earth somewhat.

You can see this happening in a surprising way: Every other New Years Eve, nowadays, our government adds a "leap second" to our clocks, to account for the decrease in Earth's rotation from water thrown to the equator after global warming.

There's a dark side to all of this:

Those earthquakes in Haiti a few weeks ago and in Chile last night?...

Undoubtedly, they were accelerated by global warming.

When you drive your car in Philadelphia or Magnolia or Sharon Hill or Havertown, you really, really do contribute to earthquakes elsewhere!

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