Saturday, February 27, 2010

Was the World Trade Center an Inside Job?

Why in heaven's holy name would the World Trade Center's destruction have been an inside job?


The federal and state tax returns of the owners for the preceding few years will tell you if there was motive.

How could it have been an inside job? In other words, who did what to achieve it?

Judging these things has become impossible. Online, there are films of planes hitting the buildings with a flash preceding impact, and films of planes hitting the buildings with no flash. The flash would have been a rocket from a device planted in the nose of each plane, armed to blast a hole in the side of each building to insure good penetration.

Which film is real? Which was tampered with? Who knows?

I have carefully watched the films of the buildings falling. The buildings dissolve like water. They really do fall like buildings being blown up with demolition munitions planted in the core. And everyone forgets WTC 7. Why did that building fall? And why did all three buildings fall so perfectly into their footprints? They fell symmetrically after asymmetrical damage. The South Tower even began to fall to one side because of the net shearing effect of the plane, but it still fell straight down.


Did something like the following occur?...

Federal intelligence agencies discover the plot to destroy the World Trade Center months in advance. They go to the owners and tell them.

The owners are "multi-jillionaires" who are being bled to death, financially, by overproduction of rental space in the metropolitan area and in the rest of the world. They'd love to get out of the business before their estates are wiped out by costs. The terror plot is the perfect opportunity. "We can 'sell' the buildings to the insurance companies!" they think.

So, with massive payoffs to key government officials, they refrain from making arrests, they carefully mine the cores of the buildings, including Building 7, with munitions to do controlled collapses, they find out in advance through good intelligence work which planes will be hijacked on 9/11, and then they quickly and carefully attach special auto pilots onto each plane, to make sure that the terrorists don't mess things up by being clumsy.

The terrorists don't know it in advance, but they can't miss. The Pentagon and White House planes are also equipped with auto pilots, since the bad guys have to succeed well enough to snow everyone into thinking that these are well-trained dedicated people-killers, not a bunch of fumbling Muslim idiots.

But they are fumbling Muslim idiots. One of the World Trade Center terrorists supposedly "piloting" a World Trade Center jet flunked his Cessna flying lesson a few times, just before 9/11. As auto-pilots take over, the terrorists probably believe that Allah is guiding their planes miraculously.

It's not Allah. It's insurance money.

Boom. The planes hit, the buildings are set on fire, and the world is allowed to watch for a few hours, to let the impact of the fires sink in.

Then, buttons are pressed, and the buildings carefully demolished, and insurance claims are made.

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