Friday, February 19, 2010

Will Earth Be Swallowed-Up by an IMBH Soon?

Hi, friends. My first post, here, will be about the thing in Switzerland which everybody seems to have forgotten -- the Large Hadron Collider.

I had some exposure to particle physics in college. (I was interested in nuclear weapon design and construction, believe it or not. The "man on the street" really has no idea how clever nuclear weapons are, in their design. Thank God nuclear weapon design and maintenance is complex, by the way.) In part because of that exposure, I was very interested when, in the course of construction of the Large Hadron Collider experiment in Switzerland, two LHC employees filed a lawsuit in Hawaii to stop the thing from operating. They said that there is a chance that the experiment could destroy the world. The employees lost -- the judge went with the vast majority of the scientists on the project, who say, "No danger."

But, the two employees were on to something, and the federal judge was wrong. Here's why...

The LHC is really akin to a giant Reagan Administration Star Wars weapon. It is two particle beams, each firing at the other extraordinarily-high-energy protons, travelling at extremely close to the speed of light.

These invisible beams are so much like beams envisioned in the Star Wars space weapon program that if you were to try to walk through the beams during operation, they would probably cut you in half.

When these two beams of protons are aimed at each other, so that they crash head-on, particles in the beams will smack together with such intensity that there is a risk, according to the people who filed the Hawaiian lawsuit, that they will form what is referred to as a "mini black hole." The mini black hole will smack into the side of the LHC, absorb molecules there, lose its momentum, be attracted by Earth's gravity, and drill down to the center of the Earth, where the Earth's gravity will force-feed the Earth to the mini black hole, until we are all sucked-in and destroyed.

Scientists responding to the lawsuit to prevent a federal shutdown responded, "Not so! Not so! We believe that something called 'Hawking Radiation' will be emitted by such mini black holes, even if they do form, causing them to evaporate in a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second. We can prove that that is the case -- high energy protons left over from supernovas in space smash into Earth's atmosphere all of the time -- and we're still here, right? Where are the mini black holes? Clearly, any mini black holes that were formed in the process evaporated!"

At this point I have to comment on a fundamental error in the scientists' discussions.

Black holes are everywhere in Western literature, now. "Black hole" this and "black hole" that. The media talk about black holes the same way the media talked about dinosaurs as our culture became aware of them, decades ago.

Ironically, in a critical technical sense -- and I swear that this is so -- BLACK HOLES DON'T EXIST. THEY NEVER HAVE EXISTED. THEY NEVER WILL EXIST.

A few of the amateur astronomers reading this are saying, with lip-quivering anger, "B-b-b-b-but how can you say that???!!! Th-th-th-there are NASA photos on-line showing jets of particles in space being emitted from b-b-b-b-black h-h-h-h-holes."

But any well-thought-out particle physicists reading this already know what my response will be.

Relativistic time dilation.

As gravity at a particular point in space and time gets bigger, time itself slows down.

As a black hole begins to form, an invisible shell of slowed-down time begins to form around it called the "event horizon." (This is where the name of that really bad sci-fi movie that my kids love so much came from.) The forming black hole's forming event horizon, itself, slows-down the formation of the black hole, itself! The black hole begins to form slower and slo-o-o-o-ower and slo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ower.

The effect of the event horizon is "asymptotic." Like a kid in the school yard 40 inches from the wall of the school, who always walks exactly, precisely half of the remaining distance to the wall with each step, the black hole never, ever -- in the history of the Universe -- quite finishes forming, just as the kid never quite reaches the school wall.

So, those things which NASA calls "black holes" emitting jets in their space photos...

...are not really "black holes," because black holes slow down time at their own location as they form, always asymptotically interrupting their own formation!

That's good news, right?

Wrong. It's very, very, very bad news.

What it means is that black holes in formation -- what I call "incipient black holes" -- can never evaporate from "Hawking Radiation" because "Hawking Radiation," even if it occurs at all before a black hole achieves "black hole-ness," will, having been slowed down asymptotically by the black hole's own event horizon, take literally forever to evaporate the object.

So, if the Large Hadron Collider accidentally creates an 'Incipient Mini Black Hole," or IMBH for short, it will never evaporate.

Now, "Incipient Black Holes" or IBH's, and "Incipient Mini Black Holes," or IMBH's, are just as dangerous as the theoretical-but-really-non-existent black holes.

Again, look at the power and destruction being wrought by that thing in the NASA photo...

It's not a black hole, but an IBH.

Why? What happens?

As the IBH or IMBH gets close to matter to absorb with its giant gravity, it smashes the matter and begins to pull the smashed bits into an orbit around itself called an "accretion disk"...

As the ripping-apart occurs, the object, including its accretion disk, gets heavier and heavier and heavier. As it absorbs greater and greater quantities of ripped-up matter towards itself, more and more energy, with extreme power able to escape the giant gravitational field just above the event horizon, begins to be fired-off at the north and south poles of the accretion disk.

Voila...IBH's and IMBH's absorbing matter into their accretion disks all shoot out their own extremely high energy, extremely destructive particle beams.

An IMBH, if one forms in the LHC, will give rise to the following effects...

As the two particle beams collide, two protons, out of hundreds of billions, happen to collide so perfectly head-on that they begin forming an IMBH. Since the particle collision wasn't "perfectly perfect," the IMBH flies up at, say, 50% of the speed of light, and slams into the ceiling of the LHC tunnel.

Foom! The IMBH instantly begins absorbing LHC tunnel ceiling molecules, and ripping them apart. A powerful explosion results, blowing a hole through in the ceiling.

Unfortunately, increased mass in the IMBH structure from absorption of thousands of protons and neutrons from the LHC ceiling, and something called the net vector of the Brownian motion imparted to the IMBH by absorbed molecules, has slowed its escape to a mere 5,000 mph -- insufficient escape velocity to let the thing escape Earth's gravity.

So, it flies up to, say, 400 miles up, and then it begins to fall back toward the Earth.

The trajectory of the flight-up-and-flight-down sends the IMBH crashing into the Pacific, where, ironically, the intense thermonuclear fire of a hydrogen bomb begins erupting like a volcano out of the water of the Pacific Ocean, as the IMBH drills downward, deeper, deeper, deeper into the water, and then into the Earth's crust beneath the water, faster and faster toward the center of the Earth, 4,000 miles below.

The world watches with trembling as televisions follow-up reports of a fearful explosion at the LHC in Cern, Switzerland with reports on a "super volcano" near no known islands on the surface of the Pacific.

Then, suddenly, fo-o-o-o-o-o-op-p-p-p! -- the volcano stops.

And the entire world sighs with relief.

Except a few scientists at Cern, who have a suspicion...

Is an IMBH so deep under the ocean and under the Earth's crust now that the explosive power in the object's still-tiny accretion disk can't make it to the surface?


So, as the weeks pass, seismographs around the world begin recording a new, completely unprecedented variety of rumbling.

The IMBH is no longer as "mini" as it used to be. The object is now in the gravitational center of the Earth. The Earth's own gravity is force-feeding the Earth itself to the accretion disk. As the gravity of the IMBH structure grows, the "particle beam" coming out of the IMBH's north and south poles blasts with a mightier and mightier blast, cutting a cavern in the center of the Earth made of super-heavy plasma which is quickly sucked-into the accretion disk. As the new rumbling begins to be detected on the surface, the cavern is 100 miles wide.

A few weeks later, the plasmic inferno breaks through the Earth's crust. Two days later, the Earth collapses into the accretion disk, and the end of our time on Earth has come.

As Hawaii begins falling toward the accretion disk, the federal judge who decided the case things, "Shucks! I guessed wrong!"

So, I vote, "Shut down the Collider. It's not worth the risk."


  1. OK, you've given us this story. You owe us one thing. The odds. Given 10 years of regular opperation of this facility, whats the odds that this is going to happen

  2. Well, I'm right about the time dilation, Tom. Therefore, there will be no "Hawking Radiation" worth a damn. Therefore, they won't evaporate. Therefore, if one forms, it's going to be dangerous, and it's going to persist. It's going to blast its way through the machine. If escape velocity is less than 25,000 mph, it should stay with us, and eat up the Earth basically in the fashion I described.


    Well, the belief at the Collider itself is that the two particle beams are dense enough to cut you like a knife.

    Two beams, dense enough to drill through your hand, are going to crash together.

    Both of the scientists I talked to about this more-or-less acknowledged that the odds are good that "mini-black-holes" -- what I redefine as an "INCIPIENT mini-black-holes" -- will in fact be formed.

    Just to make you feel yum-yum in the tum-tum about the Frankenstein scientists at Cern making their monster, virtually all of them seem to be making the Relativity 101 time dilation error, so that they actually believe in the imagined benefits of Hawking Radiation. Both of the scientists I talked to relied on the concept of Hawking Radiation to defend the project.

    About two weeks after I sent a warning to the White House about what appeared to be their fundamental misunderstanding, and the consequential danger posed by the machine, the Obama Administration issued a request that the Collider be run at half power for a year. Did I do that? If you think I did, I have saved your life for a year. So, send money, please.

    If Obama is obeyed, maybe we won't be swallowed up untill 2011.