Friday, February 26, 2010

Seeing a Ghost

This post is in answer to Phil's comment in "More Ghost Ectoplasm."

Yes, I have seen a traditional ghost with my eyes, when I was about 4 years old, in the Frankford house, which was haunted back then.

Barb slept in the front bedroom. Mom and Dad slept in the middle bedroom. The boys -- Chris, myself, and Mark -- slept in the back bedroom. We had moved into the house several months before.

My bed was closest to the door which opens into Mom and Dad's bedroom.

On the night I saw the ghost, I was a little 4 year old kid tucked under his blankets, who had awakened in the middle of the night, and I was waiting for sleep to return.

I remember lying on my left side, peering out of my blankets into the bedroom of our parents, which was illuminated by ambient light from the streetlights outside. The house was filled with the gentle sound of the snoring of my parents and siblings.

Suddenly, I had a strong feeling that something was about to happen. The feeling had "direction" -- I knew that it was going to occur in my parents' bedroom. So, I peered into the darkness of their bedroom as they snored.

As I did so, I saw a slightly translucent ghost with a flowing gown float into their bedroom. I couldn't see past their bed, but I deduced that the thing was floating because of the way it moved -- like a balloon in a gentle breeze, instead of a walking person. It's appearance was neither male nor female, but somehow I knew that it was female.

As it reached the end of my sleeping parents' bed, it turned left and floated directly toward me. I thought, "Oh, no!" and I pulled my blankets tightly over my head.

After a few minutes I peeked out of the blankets in the direction of my parents' bedroom, and saw no ghost, and was relieved.

I turned over beneath my blankets, to sleep on my right side -- and froze.

There it was, right in front of me, standing between my bed and that of my sleeping brother Chris, bent over and staring intently at sleeping Chris' head.

I was half-sitting, half-laying-down, on my right side, too astonished by the sight to do anything but stare.

The thing turned its head around to the right, and stared into my face. I do not remember what she looked like, at all.

Then the thing straightened-up and turned toward the hallway door to our room and floated into the hall.

That was then end of that experience.

I have a theory about why that happened. Ouija Boards were regarded as a benign pastime, in those days. Barb had just gotten one as a birthday present from Mom and Dad. I remember being down the basement, staring intently at the process as Barb and Chris played with that Ouija Board. I, and undoubtedly Barb and Chris also, hoped very strongly that something would happen.

Nothing happened that we could detect. But I think that our joint concentration accidentally created the ghost that I saw.

Note what the ghost did -- it came from the direction of Barb's room, and into our room and stared at Chris.

It visited the two people who had touched the Ouija planchette. And I was "observed" because I had observed the game.

Interestingly, years later, the ghost activity was strongest in the basement, where the Ouija Board game took place.

I currently believe that human concentration "creates" ghosts. Tibetan Buddhists call these created entities "tulpas." Occultists call them "thought forms." I believe that the create things are inherently benign unless you try to communicate with them. If you attempt communication, an evil spirit -- a demon -- jumps into them and makes it come alive.

Since Ouija Boards are, per se, an attempt to communicate, they always create demonic tulpas -- tulpas with demons inside.

So, in my opinion, there was a demon inside that thing, looking at me, that night.

Why do these tulpas exist? Why can human concentration create them?

God made us in His image. I belief that tulpas are "positively predestined" to be prayer vehicles and answer-to-prayer vehicles, sort of "creatable from nothing" by people.

But, because God gave us the ability to walk away from Him, too, we can pervert tulpas and change them into demon vehicles.

That is why "cursing" is a sin, in Catholicism. Cursing works. When we concentrate negatively with anger, we create a "negative tulpa" -- in effect, a negative prayer vehicle, occupied by a demon, able to do damage.

Barb and Chris and myself accidentally created the ghost which visited us that night, and which stayed in the Frankford house for years.

Never play with a Ouija Board. Never participate in a séance -- really, exactly the same thing.

Don't even stay in the same house where those things are occurring, while the Ouija Game or séance are occurring.

People will think that you are being foolish and a really wimpy nerd.

But they won't understand when suddenly their life starts becoming a string of bad luck events, because something invisible has latched onto them.

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