Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ghosts Exist (Part II)

Okay, here's my photo of an orb manufacturing an ectoplasmic ghost. You can see the orb speeding through the ghost-illusion's "mouth" beneath the "eyes," at about the 4:00 o'clock position.

The photo was taken a few years ago in Colorado Springs, in Colorado's famous "Cave of the Winds," here...

I had the guide turn off all lights for about 10 seconds. I pointed my digital camera straight up, toward the cave ceiling about 20 feet above us. (So, you're actually looking at something "looking straight down" at the camera [assuming that that thing can "look"].)

Before and after the lights were turned off, there was no steam up there coming out of the rocks to account for the greenish ectoplasmic "cloud."


  1. Give me a few more pictures of ghosts please, from the same camera.

    I ask that, at one site, you take 2 or 3 pictures, as best you can (things move, you have to move . . . but just to see what the camera does in the same environment (air dust, humidity . . .) Flashes have a funny effect.

    I know LED flashlights have a funny effect. I have an LED that is a white light (i think its close to white, but its bright pale blue light)
    Given the different makeup of the light frequencies than standard white light thrown from a standard bulb, I noted something.
    I was walking in my back yard (compost run) and fall was upon us, 55 degree nights were starting up.

    I could see my breath. This didn't startle me too much. I just figured the weather circumstances enabled my breath to condense in this not quite so cold atmosphere.
    Well, happened again. Then another time, with a standard flashlight, nothing. So one night I took out both. Indeed the LED light, perhaps because of light frequency, or the physical difference in light generation made it much easier to 'see your breath' in the air in warmer temperatures.

  2. Re: "Give me a few more pictures of ghosts please, from the same camera," I've got two more. One shows an orb directly over the face of a cadaver in a viewing. (A client who could not make it to his own wife's viewing asked me to take the picture.) The other shows a very light 3 foot high orb. (I took that picture and a preceding control shot as follows...

    (A few years ago, I made some extra cash by rehabbing a home for resale. I went to the home on Friday nights, worked into the wee hours of the morning, then slept there, then I got back to work on the building on Saturday. It was lonely, lonely work.

    (And, the house was haunted, in the living room.

    (A ghost would make a sound in the living room where I slept every time I was about to nod-off to sleep. [Ghosts like sleepy people.] At a particular point, it tapped me on the hip to awaken me. I hate that sort of thing. It scares the pee out of me.

    (Nonetheless, on the Friday night following the hip tap incident, I brought over my trusty digital camera on a tripod. Late at night, when I was tired, I turned out all of the lights in the living room, set up the camera on the tripod pointed at the spot from which I had heard the clicking sound, and snapped a shot with the flash.


    (So, then I said a prayer to God to force the thing to pose for me.

    (Voila, in the very next shot a got a picture of a 3 foot high orb.

    (One thing I learned from reading is that ghosts occupied by evil spirits can be prayed out of a house. When it happens, the house "siezes" and you hear what sounds like distant cannonfire.

    (As I laid in my cot, I prayed to God to drive the thing out. Boom. I heard the cannonfire sound, I felt the whole house move, and the thing stopped bothering me at night in that horrible house.).

    Re your light analysis, there were about 5 other people on the tour with digital flash cameras. All shot up toward the ceiling, imitating me. No one else got a ghost in their shot. The thing was "posing" for me, and probably because I shot my camera first, it went away after my flash. (They hate light.)

    Steam would not have run away.

    Also, you're missing the point: That's not just an ectoplasmic ghost. That's an ectoplasmic ghost with an orb in the stream of ectoplasm. Do you see it? At the 4 o'clock position in the "mouth" outline.

  3. Just to side with you (even though I think this is a photographic anomoly rather than a ghost)
    I actually see a human type figure. You said you see 'eyes'. I don't consider that the head area.

    Look at that whole image on the right as being, from top to bottom, a person's body. Up top, where one would associate the mind/brain/head area is what I see as the brightest area on the top at right. Assuming that figure is face forward to you, to the right of its 'head' and down (from our vantage point, its coming from the left side of the head) seems to be an arm going from just right (our left)of head, slightly tilted towards center and it fades out/merges with another vague line, which I consider its right leg (again, our vantage point, its on the left side of figure). Follow that leg up, and there it meets with that oblong loop, which has the orb at the 4 PM position. I don't know what that loop is, but it seems to go up to what would be mid body trunk, and right above, where it meets is the two brighter circles that are about mid chest (female?)
    to the right of that is more body trunk. The left arm (our right side vantage point) would be cut off by the frame. But, following down the body trunk on its left (our right side vantage point) transitions into what could be the left leg. Imagine the being sitting on a rock, slumped forward, legs going down about 45 degrees

  4. Well-l-l-l, I actually have a second shot of the same ectoplasm. And it's full of figures such as you describe. If I had Lesle coming over here still, she would show me how to outline the figures in my computer.

  5. I have made an edit of your one picture, as I see the human figure, for those who might not be able to interpret my viewpoint. Sorry for the long link

    Here is shortened verison of URL, if above gives trouble. I can't see a way to do photos in comments

  6. Oh, I see what you're saying, Tom.

    You did not comment on the orb in the "mouth"/"torso." In the original digital version, undeteriorated by ambient static and background radiation, the orb was clearly speeding though the image.