Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Solving Global Warming

Suppose, instead of recycling paper, we outlawed paper recycling, and, instead, buried it.

Then, wouldn't we be putting carbon back into the ground, after the trees remove it from the air?

Proposal: Make use of nature. Open up vast, vast tree farms covered with those extremely-fast-growing Weyerhauser trees. Grind them up into cellulose and make various kinds of paper products with it. Make everything out of paper or cellulose.

Then, when the iltem is used, recover it using the same paper collection system in use tofday to recycle, but instead of taking it to the recycling plant, load it into hopper cars, and run the loads of paper to open pit mines on the old railroad rights of way, and fill the mines with paper.

Carefully cap-off the cellulose-filled pit mines. Any methane coming to the surface can be collected and burned to make electrivity, resulting in a CO2 re-release, with about a 95% recovery rate.

Each pit mine will become a wonderful passive energy source while it segregates carbon.

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