Friday, February 19, 2010

How the Dawson's and Eitelman's Are Descended from the Mayflower Pilgrims!

Years ago, when I started studying our family's genealogy, Grandmom -- mom's mom Anna M. Kearney -- told me, "Pete, look for the Sears genealogy! Look for the Sears genealogy!"

Well, I did, and I was amazed.

When I began to tell some of you, "Guess what! We're descended from not just one, but a few of the Mayflower Pilgrims!," you responded with that derisive grin which says, "Isn't that cute! He really believes that we're not descended from just pond-scum-sucking, trash-collecting low-lifes!"

Well, skeptics, here it is -- one of the lines from the Mayflower down to the present! Ha, ha, ha!

(1) The G-10 GPs of my generation, William MULLINS, later a Mayflower passenger, met and married Alice ATWOOD, later a Mayflower passenger, and gave birth to Priscilla MULLINS, later a Mayflower passenger.

(2) The G-9 GPs of my generation, Priscilla MULLINS, a Mayflower passenger, met and married John ALDEN, the cooper on the Mayflower, in Plymouth Colony, and gave birth to David ALDEN, of Plymouth Colony.

(3) The G-8 GPs of my generation, David ALDEN met and married Mary SOUTHWORTH, and gave birth to Alice ALDEN.

(4) The G-7 GPs of my generation, Alice ALDEN met and married Judah PADDOCK, and gave birth to Mary PADDOCK.

(5) The G-6 GPs of my generation, Mary PADDOCK met and married Judah SEARS, and gave birth to Alden SEARS.

(6) The G-5 GPs of my generation, Alden SEARS met and married Phebe WALKER, and gave birth to Edward SEARS. (There he is -- the man Uncle Eddie is named after -- NOT the doctor!!!)

(7) The G-4 GPs of my generation, Edward SEARS met and married Jemima ROOT, and gave birth to Philo SEARS.

(8) The G-3 GPs of my generation, Philo SEARS met and married Julia Anne CLINE, and gave birth to Susan E. SEARS.

(9) The G-2 GPs of my generation, Susan E. SEARS, after her first husband, Mr. Sorrell passed away, met and married Decatur PITMAN, and gave birth to May Katherine PITMAN.

(10) The Great Grandparents of my generation, May Katherine Pitman, met and married Michael George EITELMAN, and gave birth to Edward Decatur EITELMAN (named after his grandfather, NOT Stephen Decatur!!!)

(11) The Grandparents of my generation, Edward Decatur EITELMAN, met and married Anna M. KEARNEY, and gave birth to Eleanore Anne EITELMAN, and Uncle Mike and Uncle Eddie!

(12) My Parents Eleanore Anne EITELMAN met and married Edward J. DAWSON, and gave birth to humble Peter J. DAWSON and the rest of us!!!


  1. pete said (that we said) "Isn't that cute! He really believes that we're not descended from just pond-scum-sucking, trash-collecting low-lifes!"
    No no, you've got it backwards, this is what we think Mullins/Atwood think of their distant progeny, (though i think we're just misunderstood)

  2. After working all day...

    ...Cousin Michael Eitelman goes fishing for dinner...

    ...and relaxes at home...