Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Ghost Ectoplasm, But Not Very Significant, IMHO

This is the second ectoplasm shot I took in the Cave of the Winds in Colorado Springs, near Pike's Peak. You'll feel like you are playing "Where's Waldo" as you scan it for cognizable figures.

It features "Mona Lisa" looking down at, and strangling, a humanoid figure; a "firebird" attacking from the left; and all kinds of demon heads looking toward the situation.

I really don't think this is significant. I think that it is just ectoplasm.


  1. Apparently this and the last photo are what is technically called ectomist, whereas ectoplasm is the substance that ghosts suck out of mediums' bodies when they want to appear.
    Or so the believers much as I hate to be one of those "nasty, uninteresting, dried-up skeptics," I still feel like looking for faces and forms in these is kind of like looking for shapes in clouds; if you look at enough of them and use your imagination, you can see anything you want in it.

    Anyway, orbs and ectomist aside, I was curious if you've ever "seen a ghost" in the traditional sense of the phrase. That would make an interesting blog post.

  2. Hi, Phil. I did a lot of reading about the occult years ago, because of the wierd ghost experiences we grew up with. But, I stopped reading about the occult, once my basic questions were answered. So, I had never heard of "ectomist."

    The website "Ghoststudy" has several ectomist photos.