Thursday, February 25, 2010

How the Dawson's and Eitelman's Are Cousins of Marilyn Monroe!

Yep, she's a cuz. Technically, Marilyn is in our parents' generation. She is our parents' 9th cousin, and so she is our 9th cousin 1ce removed, and our kids' 9th cousin 2ce removed. Here's the lineage...

Marilyn Monroe was the daughter of
Charles Stanley Gifford who was the son of
Frederick Gifford who was the son of
Charles Gifford who was the son of
Lydia Tompkins who was the daughter of
Uriah Tompkins who was the son of
Micah Tompkins who was the son of
Sarah Coe who was the daughter of
Sarah Pabodie who was the daughter of
Elizabeth Alden who was the daughter of John and Priscilla Alden, Pilgrims on the Mayflower.

John and Priscilla Alden also gave birth to
David Alden, brother to Elizabeth Alden; David was father to
Alice Alden, 1st cousin to Sarah Pabodie; Alice was mother to
Mary Paddock, 2d cousin to Sarah Coe; Mary was mother to
Alden Sears, 3d cousin to Micah Tompkins; Alden was father to
Edward Sears, 4th cousin to Uriah Tompkins; Edward was father to
Philo Sears, 5th cousin to Lydia Tompkins; Philo was father to
Susan E. Sears, 6th cousin to Charles Gifford; Susan, of course, was mother to
May Katherine Pitman, 7th cousin to Frederick Gifford; May was mother to
Edward "Bobo" Decatur Eitelman, 8th cousin to Charles Stanley Gifford; Bo was father to
Our parents, 9th cousins to Marilyn Monroe

...making us Marilyn's "9th cousins, 1ce removed,"
making our kids Marilyn's "9th cousins, 2ce removed."


  1. All right, you've done enough of this linking our family up to fame, and interesting characters of history. Instead of fame, hunt for shame.

    For instance, given that ultimately we're all cousins of some degree, how distant is the relationship between us, and, lets say, the german shepherd lady?

  2. German Shepherd Lady is related to you, Tom, not me!

  3. About a decade ago, Rise` and I drove with the 3 boys to visit the Shenandoah Valley. While we were there, we visited distant cousins, the Snapp's. Mr. Snapp (who died of Lou Gherig's Disease shortly after our visir) was a photocopy of Uncle Eddie!

    Just as genes caused such similarities to emerge there, once, while I was looking at family photos, I saw a photo of myself as an altar boy.

    My face, then, in 4th grade or so, was the spitting image of Marilyn Monroe's face at about that age!

    It's a good thing that Marilyn Monroe the Adult did not look like Peter Dawson the Adult -- she might have committed suicide a lot earlier! (Assuming that it was suicide! I, personally, think that our distant cousins, the Kennedy's, murdered her!)