Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two Clever Ways the Speed of Light Has Been "Beaten"

As far as I know, the following is absolutely true...

Scientists have discovered that when two photons are emited from the same molecule at the same moment, they are "entangled." So, if one such photon flies left, and the other flies right, each will possess its own "strangeness" -- rotation. No matter how far apart the two particles are, "entanglement" is the characteristic such that, if one photon is interfered with, the other instantaneously, at that moment, loses its "strangeness," or rotation. This has been proven experimentally. Information -- that the other particle has been interfered-with -- thus moved from one to the other particle faster than light speed.

The other way is just as amazing. If certain molecules are lined-up like soldiers on parade, as in a crystal, if light is flashed into one side, as a photon enters one side of the molecule, a photon leaves the other side. The effect seems to be instantaneous. As the new photon traverses the space between its parent molecule and the new receiving molecule, and enters the new receiving molecule, a new child molecule comes out the other side of the second molecule, and so on.

In this way, no time is ever "wasted" traversing the space occupied by the molecules. As a consequence, a photon coming out of the other side of the crystal comes out at a point ahead of a photon traveling alongside the crystal, thus effectively "beating" the speed of light.


  1. I take exception to this. I don't deny the EFFECTs, but thats what they are, effects. Allow me 2 examples of the physical world. They are flawed, as physical materials have properties that woudlnt' allow 'waves' of physical effect to pass through at the speed of light.

    1) imagine, if you would a rod of steel, quite brittle, minimal to no flex in it. Its 1 light year long. Its rotating on its cylindrical axis. On one side is ME, on the other side is YOU. I am detached from the steel rod, and NOT rotating relative to the steel rod. YOU are holding on the the steel rod at the other end, as you, repair it, or whatever reason you need to be on the rod. So, you are rotating with the rod. SUDDENLY, I grab the rod with a device, stop it from rotating on its cylindrical axis and start it spining around the other way. I start rotating some as my body takes some of the built up potential energies and makes it real energy. Meanwhile, you at the other end, in 1 second (not 1 year) go flying off the rod and float into space, as the momentum of the rod you were holding onto suddenly shifted, you lost your grip as the effect of the momentum of the rod suddenly differed from your body's momentum.

    Perhaps light, which I don't think our egghead scientists understand fully, and I don't think they'd disagree, has some kind of attachment, not physical in the sense of the steel rod, but some other, yet discovered aspect/force . . . whatever it might be. The EFFECT of the interference of the one photon was felt by the other, as they are litterally, in some undiscovered way, attached. In my ROD example, though fictional, and probably not real (material elasticity I am sure would travel slower than the speed of light so my stopping the rotation in reality would take longer than 1 year to reach the other side), but it gets the point across that EFFECT, something that is half REAL, and half conceptual travelled faster than light (now if I knew what I was saying, then I'd REALLY be smart, but I'm just making this up on the fly, throwing it, and seeing if it sticks)

    2) the old 5 steel balls (representing the latice work of the crystal example) hanging from a string. YOu lift 1 ball up at 1 end and drop the ball at 5 MPH at one end, and then the shock of the collision travels through the 5 balls to the other side and the last ball on the other side leaps up and carries on the path of the energies momentum . . . of the original ball on the other side. Only, the EFFECT didn't pass through at 5 MPH. We took the physical room out from between the 5 steel balls so that the physical action of dropping the 1st steel ball at 5 MPH release energies that were suddenly absorbed, forced to travel through a different medium until, the last of that medium was encountered and the energies were again, converted to physical 5 MPH (minus any energies absorbed) movement. This is a real world example of of an effect changing medium to something that can carry that effect faster than the original effect.

    What does this mean, again, I dunno, just thrownig it out there and seeing how much of it sticks

  2. In essence I agree, Tom. That is why I put the word "beaten" in quotation marks.

    I don't think that the photons are travelling through the molecules in the lattice. I think that a Conservation of Matter/Energy process is occurring, and that one is emitted from the far side of the electron cloud an extremely short time after one enters the near side. For measurement purposes, it's instantaneous. The net effect is that "information" IS being transferred ar faster than "C," if you measure the velocity of the information transfer and compare it to light.

    I think that in effect its a miniature version of the "entanglement field" connecting brother photons.